There is no Planet-B, People! | Shopping with Purpose

Do you remember the time a few generations ago when we were so naive to think we had access to endless natural resources? The world was brimming with untapped potential and infinite amounts of oil, gas, and coal were to be resourced. Yeah,  well its not like that any more. Not even close.

Our continuous overuse of Mother Earth's resources has left us struggling to battle issues like global warming and carbon emissions. Studies indicate that we could face a significant threat to human civilization in the next 30 years if sustainability isn't addressed. We are given the following choices: find a better, more sustainable, way of life, or face extinction. 

There is hope on the horizon, however. Individual consumers are doing their part by reducing their waste and energy consumption. And eco-friendly companies are working hard to make a difference. We are making progess. Top eco-friendly companies are leading by example, using their notoriety to inspire more sustainable practices in their industries. TOMS and Beyond Meat are great examples of this.  They identify customer buying behaviours and recognize the need for today's brands to make a difference in their brand initiatives. They consider ways of embedding commitment to caring for the environment into their brand DNA in an increasingly socially conscious landscape.

Consumers, especially Millennials, who are named the Green Generation, want more than just the right product and services. We're smarter than that. We don't want to choose between looking good and doing good; and we shouldn't have to. We want to feel like we are spending our hard earned money on a brand  we can feel good about.  We demand companies practice more environmentally friendly techniques, placing importance on green initiatives. Thus making a real difference in our delicate world.

More and more consumers (66% according to the latest Neilson report) say they'd happily pay more for products from environmentally friendly businesses and products that are ethically sourced. With sustainability continuing to be a worldwide concern, it is important we do our part in keeping this momentum going towards a greener, more purposeful future for all of us.  

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