Athleisure Gives Us a "Run for Our Money"

     The year is 2020 and you're headed out the door to meet your 'squad.' #squadgoals.  But instead of changing into skinny jeans, you decide the leggings you would typically wear to the gym are perfectly fine for bottomless brunch.  It's not laziness, it's athleisure.  These days, due to the pandemic, we have seen numerous changes in the fashion ecosystem, but none quite impactful as the widespread commitment to athleisure.  The norm has become dressing to feel your best self, with an extra emphasis on comfort.  Athleisure is no longer the trend of the moment but has morphed into a lifestyle — a key part of our day-to-day look that makes living a little more tolerable amidst current events. 

    But sporting workout wear to grab brunch was only the beginning.  We have seen how celebrities and models endorsing the gym look everywhere from tabloid covers to the juice line at the trendiest gyms.  It's the casual wear that blurs the line between luxury and leisure, and everyone from Lululemon to Adidas Y-3 seem to approve. 

     Consumers are freeing themselves from feeling constrained by their clothes and aspire for a flexible, casual clothing style to support their more than ever active lifestyle challenges.  The explosion of athleisure is even more relevant today as so many of us are working from home and the demand for a comfortable, stylish aesthetic has increased.  Thus eroding the the distinction between activewear and daywear, opening the door to new streetwear fashion trends.